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Wednesday Schedule:

7:00pm Fire Fall Ministries (6th grade and up)
7:00pm Adult bible Study



Conceal Carry Class


Women's Self-Defense Class

WSAG will be hosting a women's self-defense on class Friday April 3rd at 6pm and a concealed carry/enhanced conceal carry course on Saturday April 4th from 8am until approximately 3pm. The costs are $35.00 and $65.00, respectivly, to be paid onsite. Please make checks payable to WSAG). The courses will be instructed by Hector Police Chief Phillip Hubbard (former S.W.A.T. team member, Law-Enforcement and Military hand-to-hand combat instructor, Enhanced Conceal Carry Instructor, Advanced Law enforcement Certified).


The Conceal Carry course will be broken up into a classroom session and a session at the firing range for qualifying. Feel free to bring your own handgun and ammo or you can qualify with a gun provided. The ammo will be available to buy. Pizza will be provided for both classes.

If you would like to attend either or both of these classes, please register by completing the form to the right (or below if on your mobile).

*** Your Conceal Carry license must be purchased within 6 months of the date of the course taken or you must attend another one.***

Please select which license you plan on applying for. (required)

Conceal Carry ($65.00)
Enhanced Conceal Carry ($65.00)
Both ($65.00)
You must select "Both" for enhanced carry if you do not already hold a conceal carry license.

Women's defense Class ($35.00)

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